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Painless Financial Training Group Incorporated (PFTG) was created in 2013 by Chartered Accountant Debi J. Peverill. With the continued success of previous companies SBR Communications Inc. (1998) and Peverill & Associates (1988) she realized there was knowledge she still wasn’t putting out there for people to benefit from. and were created to share this knowledge. It offers people financial information they need to know to stay out of trouble and make more money. Anybody can benefit from this information. These sites provide everything from checklist for personal taxes up to topics as concentrated as declaring dividends if there is no equity. There are site descriptions on our home page so you know which one will suite your needs.

Painless Financial Training Group offers free information through its social media channels on a regular basis.

A mainstay since PFTG’s inception has been the Tip of the Week. There are two tips a week, every week (Our tips don’t take a vacation).

The tips are always free, but if you are looking for a more in-depth discussion on a specific topic, both and offer memberships  that will give you access to the entire catalogue of videos, checklists, discussion boards and articles all produced by Debi herself.

We are a newer company with a ton of experience to work with. Debi’s easy-to-read financial books are now being published exclusively by PFTGI with three new books having been released in 2015 and two new 2nd editions of her previous books. The next chapter of Painless Financial Training Group’s development will come in the form of e-learning videos featuring Debi herself.

She is a professional with ambition, drive and a wealth of experience.  Debi looks forward to the continued success and growth of Painless Financial Training Group Incorporated.

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