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Achieve Your Personal and Business Goals in 2016 with this Comprehensive Course

- You will learn how to set meaningful and realistic goals for your business.
- You will be taught the two main reasons that goals are not achieved and will understand the solutions to finally achieving these once unattainable goals.

Using the workbook, you will complete forms that will allow you to prepare your 2016 business plan. Forms included along with the business plan are:

  • Weekly Goal Keeping Sheet
  • Monthly Goal Keeping Sheet
  • Annual Goal Keeping Sheet

- You will establish the vision for your business and determine how close to that vision you plan to be by the end of 2016.
- You will determine the best strategies to be employed to achieve your business goals by selecting from lists of proven business profitability strategies.
- You will learn how to organize your time so that the tasks which need to be preformed each day/week/month are documented on the forms that are provided as a part of the course.

This course is for anyone who is thinking about starting or has just started their own business. Learn from a successful entrepreneur with over 3 decades of experience!

Debi Peverill has successfully run her own accounting practice since 1988 and her own professional speaking business since 1998. She passes on her knowledge and years of experience with this brand new course. Learn how to create and run your own successful business in the least complicated way.

In this course you will learn the three things every business owner needs to know:

1.How to avoid making rookie mistakes

2.How to stay out of trouble

3.How to make money

This course includes seven sections:
1. Things to do before you start your business
2. Personality traits of successful business owners (FIERCE)
3. How to figure out what you are selling and whether anyone will care
4. How to stay out of trouble with the tax authorities & save money
5. Avoiding jail and other legal stuff
5. Getting enough money (Financial statement, financing, etc.)
7. Business Plan *Template included*

The course is comprised of:
- 13 Lectures (Video)
- Quizzes
- Exercises/Checklists
- Downloadable Content (Including a Workbook to help you plan and track your progress)

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Become a More Effective and Knowledgeable Board Member with this Comprehensive Course:

- Learn the basics of what governance is

- Find out who stakeholders are and why they are important

- Recognize your rights as a board member or director

- Discover the actions that make you liable

- Learn my: Board Decision Making Framework (ADAPPT)

- Find out how you can stay out of trouble

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