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Tip of the Week

1. Get a receipt for childcare expenses

2. Contribute to your TFSA not RRSP

3. Keep a mileage log

4. Don’t lease a vehicle

5. Don’t use a line of credit to buy a vehicle

6. Pay your tax installments

7. Register your business for the GST

8. Take dividends from your corporation

9. Incorporate a profitable business

10. Sell shares not assets

11. Keep your kids fitness receipts

12. Save all your medical receipts

13. Get an annual receipt from your pharmacy

14. Keep track of medical premiums you pay

15. File your tax return on time

16. Put your children to work in your business

17. Use a holding company to buy a business

18. Don’t go into business with friends

19. If you are a partner have an agreement

20. Write a will

21. Don’t carry a balance on your credit cards

22. Read everything you sign

23. Make a budget

24. Sell shares to your family

25. Plan for tomorrow but also enjoy today

Top 25 Tips

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